Shaping Communication

Integrated Communication Agency

Genuine, Detailed
and Integrated Communication.

This is our vision.

We believe in creativity that enhances ideas that work. That is why we connect our team’s different competences, our work, our experience in shaping each client, product or service’s genuine attributes. This experience is translated into an integrated, honest and rigorous communication.
This is what we believe in at GBNT.

Since 2007 we have developed projects in several sectors such as Education (Teaching and Research), Culture (Design, Architecture and Comics), Environment, Telecommunications, Consulting (Technology and Engineering), Food Industry, Financial Investment, Real Estate, Tourism and Social Intervention, both for public and private organizations.

Our meeting table is a round one.

We believe that cooperation is not only a beginning but also a means to balance the value of creativity, of techniques and that of our client’s knowledge in order to produce complete, honest and surprising results.

We rather gear up our Agency and our studio, than decorate our hall.

Such as “Cabinet de Curiosités” provided scientists or artists what they needed to think of solutions and creations, in our Agency we like to be surrounded by resources – the ones that allow us to use all languages, try new techniques, innovate and execute projects by closely connecting its several components.
We called this Integration.

Our working space is an island.

Ideas and solutions rise surrounded by people and their competences. We don’t follow any trends but we do recognise the value of what is different. This is why we prefer to establish strong, fair and solid relationships with the right employees, bringing knowledge and techniques to match our core know-how. This is how we develop our capacities, co-creating long-term solutions based on respect and knowledge.

And that’s how good ideas become greater.

of Expertise


Brand (Strategy, Naming, Visual Identity and Communication)
Environments (Exhibitions, Stands, Point of Sale)
Digital and Interactive (Websites, Apps and Social Networks)


Motion Graphic


Production and Post Production


Design, Planning and Production