2011 for EXD11 + Info

Machine, Culture of the Process.

GBNT Tangential for Experimenta Design (EXD) 2011 biennial of design, architecture and contemporary creativity of Lisbon, with the theme “useless”.

Exhibition / Installation held from 29/9/2011 to 15/10/2011 in Plataforma Revólver, Lisbon — Design: GBNT — Photography: Emanuele Zamponi, Studio Love Eman — Video (03:25) Production: GBNT, Director: Miguel Chichorro — Sound Design: Nuno Silva, Sounds Real Productions.

Thanks: Público newspaper: Bárbara Reis, Sofia Sofia Galvão e Luís Maia — Gráfica Mirandela: Valentim Morais, José Morais, Margarida Valido and all the Público newspaper Production Team of the day 4/9/2011 — Plataforma Revólver: Victor Pinto da Fonseca.

Notes: Photography, Filming and Sound Capture were performed during the production of the newspaper Público day September 4, 2011, beginning at 22h of September 3 and ending at 4:30 am the next day at Gráfica Mirandela in Loures. Sound (Video and Exhibition) has been edited and digitally manipulated from sounds fully captured in situ.

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  • Scouting
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  • Rotary Printing Press
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  • Making Of - Sound Capture
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  • Making Of - Photography
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  • Making Of - Video Shooting
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  • Making Of - Exhibition
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  • Press Release
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  • Poster Detail
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  • Leaflet Detail
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