2015 for Instituto de Medicina Molecular + Info

The Instituto de Medicina Molecular - iMM Lisboa is known as one of the main Science Research Institutes in Portugal and plays a central role in fostering basic, clinical and translational biomedical research with a nationally and internationally renowned and prize awarded investigators team.

While analysing iMM Lisboa former Brand positioning and communication, a very specific need was detected: communicate to and with those to whom its research is intended – civil society, in order to reinforce recognition and promote the Instituto’s growth.

Visual Identity of the new Brand and all its communication visual speech is based on values that served as guidelines for the way the Brand was designed:

· Curious — for the search and criticism, which are inherent to the investigation work;
· Conscious — of its sense of commitment and responsibility towards scientific community and civil society;
· Needed / Rigorous — enhancing its rigorous investigation work and the need for the results it presents.

The Brand translates a graphic design that opens the way for the next step, for the dialogue and for the future – symbolized by the two dots that act as part of the Brand.

iMM Lisboa is inclusive for it stands side by side with human health, with people, searching together with them for the starting point which will lead to the right answer – “Chasing Questions:” (slogan)