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Ciências ULisboa

2014 for Ciências ULisboa + Info

The brand strategic approach was based on a rebranding - naming and identity - process for FCUL. Concepts such as excellence, rigour, focus and knowledge were the baseline for ilustrating the work of such transversal Institution: teaching, investigation, society and innovation.

The name "Ciências ULisboa" (Sciences ULisbon) is a clear and direct description of the brand itself. "Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa" (Sciences University of Lisbon) strategically distinguishes the brand from its "homonym adversaries" and enhances its unique positioning.

The brand composition is structured in three levels: symbol, logotype and signature. The square represents focus, rigour, observation, macro and micro but it also stands for the way of highlighting, selecting, enhancing or making clear the conclusion, the result. The symbol "C" for Sciences and the "F" for Faculty inside a square are graphic representations of the exponent, of maths index, of the atomic number or the periodic table which are here applied according to western reading, from left to right. The blue colour is a chromatic reference which already existed in FCUL and very familiar within the academic context.

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