2016 for APED + Info

Since 1994, APED (Portuguese Association of Distribution Companies) represents a dynamic and competitive sector and plays a key role in Portuguese economy. This rebranding aims at reinforcing its position towards the sector and the consumers and highlights the brand values: Embracing. Interventional. Active.

The brand is redesigned as a continuous element, based on lowercase letters enhancing the idea of a pathway that APED has been tracing and which is inherent to the role of this Association. This visual speech is extended to all communication and into an iconographic system that illustrates its several intervention areas.

As part of this rebranding process, the claim “Distributing value” was created to reinforce the brand’s action and communication. This claim translates the “added value” and the daily commitment and service of excellency that APED brings into the sector activities, its Associated companies and the consumers.

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